vertical shaft crusher

سنگ شکن ماسه ساز

The sand maker is in the third stage of stone crushing. This device has the following advantages compared to other stone crushers of the third stage of crushing:

– High capacity of stone crusher in the production of materials
– Low initial cost of the device
– The particles coming out of the device are cube-shaped, which is suitable for asphalt and concrete raw materials.
– Easy and low-cost service and maintenance
The sand crusher is used for crushing the third stage to produce high-quality sand and produce standard materials for use in concrete and asphalt projects.
The features of the new design are low operating cost, easy maintenance and repairs, adaptability, high capacity, cubic shape of output particles, and ease of operation. The sand making machine of the roll machine is equipped with a large outlet, which can make the material


Among the important benefits of this type of sand maker, the following can be mentioned:

1. The sand produced by this machine is completely within the tolerance curve of the sand prepared by the American ASTM Institute. (International Standard)
2. The optimal quality of the sand grains produced by this type of sand maker in terms of not having scaly and needle grains.
3. Having the desired filler to provide the required asphalt filler in asphalt factories and less cement consumption in concrete factories.
4. Very low wear and tear of this type of sand maker considering that the stone grains move before breaking and then in the bed created by the stone grains themselves. As a result, fewer metal parts are placed in the way of breaking the stone grains.
5. The parts of the sand maker that are subject to wear are very light and can be easily replaced by the simple workers of the company, and there is no need for experts to replace them.
6. Using the device is very simple and even beginners can use the device in the best condition with a little training.
7. Having a high capacity compared to all old sand makers, for example, a V8 model sand maker with a 90 kW electric motor has about twice the sand production of the Hidoken 36-2 sand maker. (Less energy to produce sand)
8. This company produces Barmak sand makers in three models: V8 with an input capacity of 70 tons per hour, V10 with an input capacity of 110 tons per hour, and V10H with an input capacity of 160 tons per hour. We have solved it in terms of quality as well as capacity.

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