hammer mill

آسیاب چکشی hammer mill

A hammer mill is a stone crusher in the fourth stage of crushing, which is used to crush fine grains.

The hammer mill of the roll machine is a mill with durable efficiency and the ability to grind (crushing) most fine grains. Hammer mills operate on the basis that most materials are crushed or ground by impact with hammers. The material enters the hammer mill from above (feeding) and pours into the mill tank. These materials come into contact with a series of rotating and hard hammers. These materials are ground as a result of frequent contact with these hammers, the wall of the grinding tank and the contact of the grains with each other. The materials remain in the grinding tank until they pass through the mesh that covers the lower (end) part of the grinding tank.

The hammer mill is one of the family of mills, it is used only for soft materials and by that the raw materials are soft by nature, they turn into powder. The mechanism of this type of mills is made by the rotating axis on which the hammers are installed, and all the output parts are placed under the mill. A mesh net is made, which remains inside the mill until the input material is reduced to a size smaller than the output mesh springs. Usually, the number of hammers can be 20 or more, which are placed on the axis of four rows. These types of hammers are made of hard alloys.

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