Hazemag impact crusher

The Kubit stone crusher is in the second stage of the crushing process, where the main part of the machine is the rotor, hammers and anvils. Cobit stone crushers are designed to reach small grains with high capacities.
One of the most important features of the Qubit device is its durability, power and easy repairs, which can save money and time.
One of the biggest advantages of Hazmag stone crusher is the use of rotor and hammer, which has this capability for consumers who can use it to its last value and move up to 5 steps.
Another advantage of this device is the use of jacks that can fully open the body and speed up the service and replacement of hammers.
The way of working in the qubits is that the stones are thrown towards the anvils by the rotor and hammers and it causes them to be crushed.
The hammers throw the stones towards the anvils and cause them to be crushed, and this process continues until the materials are crushed to the desired size.
The ratio and size of the materials depends on the force that the rotor and hammer apply to the stone to throw the stone, so the amount and size of the materials can be changed by adjusting the speed of the rotor.

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