Powder screen

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Different methods are used to separate and granulate micronized powders, such as the wet system and the use of cyclones, or the dry system, such as the use of bag filters, which usually have their own complications and problems. A simpler method that is common today in some industrialized countries is to use micronized materials granulation granulations, which are the schmidt designer granulations, which provide the possibility of separating micronized materials from the two reciprocating mechanisms of the granulation body along with the vibration of the granulation body. This simple method by increasing the number of sieves and special design will be used in high capacities as well. In addition, we remind you that for the granulation of fine-grained materials, the Roll Machine Group has succeeded in making sieves that have been developed in industrialized countries by the name of the Allgair and Mogi sieves, which are currently being used in some countries. Micronized powders are used in the industry

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