jaw crusher

سنگ شکن فکی

Single shaft jaw crushers of Machine Roll Company are designed for stones of different dimensions and hardness. The use of high-quality materials and raw materials has made the stone crusher of the roll machine unique. Jaw crushers up to 90 x 110 dimensions are designed and manufactured in the company.
The use of more than half a century of experience in the design and production of devices and the precision in production and the presence of experienced engineers in the roll machine collection have raised the roll machine factory inside and outside the country.

Jaw crushers are designed for the first stage of the crushing process for different materials, which makes the work easier in the next stages. Due to the special design of the device, the capacity of the devices is very high and desirable. The rock crushers of the roll machine have very high power and durability, and they are very easy to operate and maintain.
The thick and solid body of the device and their precise and technical welding have provided a long and reliable life for the device.

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