Hydro sander

ماسه شوی فینلی (ترکیبی)

The hydro sander is used for dewatering and separating mud from the washed sand. A wheel with a large diameter, long spiral blades and low power consumption make this device efficient and economical. The hydro sander includes a counter flow spiral in the tank This auger plays a very important role when the materials to be processed have a high percentage of fine particles with low density. Depending on the rate of water flow, a certain percentage of fine particles in the floor can pass through the first part and then under the influence of the water flow It goes into the tank and then goes to the net wall on the other side. These tiny particles are drawn towards the end of the tank and in contact with the spiral blades while passing. In fact, the anti-flow screw system increases the efficiency of particle recovery and overall output.

Using the type of common saline sand without taking into account the standard sand production methods to obtain the optimal strength of the produced sand for special projects and to obtain the maximum strength of the produced concrete, especially the head construction, and to be able to bear the high pressure that must be paid attention to the processing of the sand with special care to be

While if to obtain washed sand production based on internationally known standards, the sand washing processing operation is followed, in addition to being able to obtain higher strength even with less amount of cement, this processing is done by phenyl salt sand (hydro sander) by controlling the amount of water and its speed and The control of the quantity, which is usually paid special attention to in the phenyl salt sand of making the roll machine, enables this type of salt sand to obtain sand that meets certain standards.

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