Hydrocone crusher

Cone type crushers are used by different companies and in different countries in order to be installed in production and crushing lines as secondary or final and technical crushers in some cases in the mines of cement, lead and zinc factories and as generator crushers as the primary crusher. Placed.

The principle used in these crushers is the compression of the stone between two pieces called Mantle and Ken Q. The Ken Q piece is fixed and installed on top shell. The mantel is installed on the head center and has two simultaneous rotational and off-center movements. The rotational motion is transferred to the main shaft of the device and to the head center by the transmission of the electromotor force by the piston and crankwheel gears and by rotating the oil.

The eccentric movement is transferred to the head center by the Extric bush, which has a shaft inside it.

In order to complete its crushing machinery, Roll Machine Company has placed Hydrocon “36” as an intermediate stone crusher in models “4” and “5.5” and to produce final materials, model “2” in its production line. It also has the superior type hydrocon, which is mostly used in lead and zinc iron ore production mines, as an intermediate stone crusher that is installed after the jaw crusher and in the production line.

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