Grizzly feeder

فیدرهای گریزلی

Feeders that are usually placed in the initial part of the first stage of processing. The feeder conveys the material to the crushers and sieves in a controlled process.

Roll machine feeders can be used with silos to directly feed materials to crushers with conveyors. Also, they can be used for the second and third stage of crushing in order to remove the sudden wave of materials and maintain the continuous flow of feed. The roll feeder machine produces three different types of piston feeders, vibrating feeders and belt feeders, all of which are carefully engineered in terms of replaceability to meet the needs of operators today and tomorrow. Our feeders are suitable for wet materials and provide continuous feeding of all kinds of materials and under different loading conditions.

Feeders: The feeders manufactured by Machine Roll Company have a lot of variety and their different types are mentioned in the following categories.

As can be seen, these feeders are made in two types and 11 different models. The capacity of these feeders varies from 70 to 400 tons per hour.

Grizzly feeders are used to divide the raw materials into two parts so that only the largest materials are sent to the primary crusher and the smaller materials are removed. In the mining of building stones, this operation is done to send the unwanted materials to the crusher.

The grizzly feeders of the roll machine are feeders with special entrances for heavy loads with grizzly rails added to the entrance surface. They perform both cutting and feeding operations in one operating unit and are designed for heavy loads. If they are used before the primary crusher, it granulates the coarse particles and provides a controlled flow of materials with a high volume, which causes an excessive increase in the load of the materials. Also, this device prevents the wear of the crusher. Reduces and maximizes crusher capacity by deflecting smaller particles than desired.

The vibrator axes are carefully placed to create a more linear movement. The rotational movement of the high capacity materials during division provides all directions exposed to grizzly weights. The machine offers heavy duty roll feeders in two single and two axis designs.

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