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Roll machine group of companies – Bahina Roshan Kar

Roll machine company (designer and manufacturer):

1- Types of jaw crushers with a capacity of 30t/h to 350t/h: the first stage of crushing

2- types of Hydrocon and Superior stone crushers with a capacity of 30t/h to 150t/h: the second stage of crushing

3- Types of Qubit stone crushers with a capacity of 100t/h to 240t/h: the second stage of crushing

4- Types of centrifugal sand making machines with a capacity of 70t/h to 160t/h: the third stage of crushing

5- Types of two-axle conveyors of Nordberg design with a capacity of 100t/h to 400t/h

6- All kinds of Behringer sanders with automatic lubrication system of Behringer design up to 350t/h capacity

7- All kinds of single-axle Parker design in different dimensions and sizes and capacities

8 – Washing and dewatering mills through A-O-WASH with a capacity of 50t/h to 150t/h

9- Combination sanders with double back-and-forth movement and vibration for micronized powders

10 – types of two-axis vibratory feeders for rocks with a capacity of 150t/h to 600t/h

11- All kinds of feeders, including feeder wire – feeder rod – feeder elastic in different capacities

12 – Snail salt sand with a capacity of 25t/h to 80t/h

13-Finley design filler up to 100t/h capacity

14 – All kinds of conveyor belts with a tire width of 50-60-80-100-120-150 cm in different lengths and customized designs.

15- wing mills – rod mills – vibrating mills in different capacities of the fourth stage of grinding

16 – Asphalt plant types with capacities of 60-100-120-160 t/h Marini design 17- Types of batching plants (concrete central station) Liebhar design with different capacities

• This company has a land area of ​​24000 square meters and infrastructure of workshops and warehouses and four covered production halls and a machining hall of this company equipped with all kinds of machine tools equivalent to 6000 square meters such as: lathes, milling machines, radial drills and lathes and presses, cutting machines and Khemkon, complete blacksmithing equipment started its activity in 1349 and with half a century of experience, it has been able to design and produce machinery related to the grading of road and construction materials and material transfer lines based on customer needs. Currently, the products of this industrial unit, which was built on the 4th kilometer of Fatah Highway (Karaj Old Road), are being used in more than 900 mines and in numerous companies and organizations.

In addition, this company has been able to export its products to the countries of Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Cyprus, Egypt-Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Turkey, Guinea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Venezuela, Mozambique, Cameroon-Uganda-Kenya and also export 000.

(This company was awarded as a national sample exporter in 1981 and 1987 by the Iran Trade Development Organization and as a sample exporter of Tehran province in 1988 by the provincial trade organization and as a worthy exporter, as a top national exporter in 1991 by the Tehran Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization and as a national sample exporter in 1392 by the organization The development of Iran’s trade and the selected exporter of Tehran province in 2013 has been recognized by the organization of industry, mining and trade of Tehran province.)

• The after-sales service unit of this company, due to the long history of service delivery and the use of experienced teams, assesses the needs of its customers for after-sales services as soon as possible.

• The design and engineering unit of Machine Roll Company, based on its years of experience, is able to design different lines with different capacities, with economic justification, from material transfer lines and production and granulation of mineral materials, including different stages of crushing and grain, while using reverse engineering in a principled way. Packaging until the stage of transformation into micronized materials.

• In addition, this company has implemented a 20,000-ton mechanized grain storage project in Shahrood, Sanqru-Shoshtar cities, including: the construction of a 37-meter-high elevator bucket, chain conveyors, dust collection system, and related silos.
• Conveyor belts produced by this company are used in most of the country’s airports.

 Optimum Roshankar Company, a subsidiary of the Roll Machine Group, is located on a land of 6000 square meters located in Andiseh Shahriar and is equipped with the necessary equipment for cutting, kneading, rolling and full blacksmithing equipment and the design and engineering unit will be able to operate asphalt factories in the range of high capacities that are fully automatic. can be designed and produced with economic justification. The after sales service unit of this industrial unit is always ready to solve the problems of the buyers.

 The products of Optimum Roshankar company are as follows:

• Asphalt factories 60 to 160 tons per hour designed by Marini Italy

• 50,000 liter bitumen flask, Marini design

• Asphalt factory model 2400 water filter, Marini design

• Heater with 300,000 and 500,000 kcal bitumen heater, Marini design

• Warm asphalt silo with a capacity of 25 tons, Marini design

• Bag filter or bag filter in different capacities